Part 3 of 3 about Bwindi National Park, by Lydia Kalimwine, Managing Director of Able Safaris – Thanks once again for permission to re-blog.



Around the park (The real action)

Bwindi Gorillas in the mist By Able safaris Uganda


Bwind’s busiest site is  Buhoma on the Northern edge of the forest. It is the trail head for tracking three gorilla groups and a wide range of accommodation is available. Through gorilla tracking is the main attraction, a range of other walks provide more relaxed opportunities to spot birds and monkeys while exploring one of the Uganda loveliest rainforest. These walks can be arranged to depart in the morning at 09:00 and in the afternoon at 14:15.

  • Munyanga river trial in the valley below Buhma provides an ideal short walk to view birds and primates along the forest edge.
  • Waterfall trail leads through one of Uganda ‘s most pristine tracts of rainforest, passing beneath tree frens, epiphytic ferns and orchids to visit three sparkling waterfalls.
  • Rushura hill tail provides expansive views across the…

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