Wakanow announces new partnerships and initiatives at WTM Africa


(Posted 08th April 2016)


Discover Africa’s Best

Is Africa worth travelling? What a question that is as the only answer can be an emphatic YES and Africa’s leading online travel agency Wakanow certainly think so too!
Wakanow, a one stop travel portal, has partnered with Ebonylife TV to produce an upmarket travel show, designed for the African traveller, highlighting the continent’ s top tourist destinations. The 30 minute, 12 part series premiers on EbonyLife TV DStv channel 165 on Saturday, 07th of May at 20:30 Central African Time.

What sets this travel series apart?

We explore our own backyard the way the African traveller would experience their ideal vacation. Each episode features a Nigerian personality who meets a local host and together they explore the country’s top-end attractions, rich history, authentic treasures, culinary delights and some unexpected gems. Whether it’s visiting the world’s biggest Basilica in Cote d’Ivoire, walking with cheetahs in Zambia, sugar tastings in Mauritius, Nigeria’s party scene or cruising The River Gambia – the show has something special for everyone.

The featured destinations include such continental tourism frontrunners like Kenya, Seychelles, Mauritius, Tanzania, Zambia, Rwanda, Ghana,The Gambia, Senegal, Ethiopia, Cote d’Ivoire and of course Nigeria itself.

Speaking on the initiative, Wakanow MD, Obinna Ekezie expressed his delight over the new initiative when he said: ‘The Destinations Africa show points out that Wakanow is poised to become a key player, in not only Africa but the world, with an undying passion to change the way people travel. The program is an avenue to showcase the best of what Africa has to offer as well as the added value of getting well-priced travel packages made possible by the very extensive partnership

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