The return of Lillian Gaitho …

Dozens if not more of messages and mails enquired over the past few months of the whereabouts of Lillian Gaitho, a regular guest writer on this blog. Common decency however dictated that her absence was kept under wraps and it was only recently that, when she herself came back on line and announced the birth of her second child, that I was able to break the news myself.
Today, Lillian officially returned to work at Jovago.Com and promptly resumed her writing.
Here are her latest exploits and you may now all look forward to her regular columns and articles again on this blog.

Lilian Gaitho's profile photo

Missing Colons and Misplaced Commas

Time does fly when you want it to crawl.

Just the other day, I wrote to my colleagues wishing them well and displaying my gratitude for their support through my pregnancy. You should have seen me; eyebrows dancing, endless smile and a heartful of expectations as I handed my resignation to the Human Resource office at Aside from nursing my second born, this was perfect time to blow some fresh air of quaint interiors into my living room. Heck, there even was a babymoon trip in the offing…90+ days away from the office did look and sound like eternity.

But now, it’s all gone.

Needless to say, there was no trip to the sandy sunshine of the Diani; thanks to the equinox for allowing me some good excuse! The house, ooh my house, I did manage to replace that rickety maroon couch and with it came the urgent need to get rid of my green curtains…I even redid my curtain sill and framed that one gorilla painting from 2014 ATA ( thanks to the good people at Uganda Tourism Board. But that’s as quaint as it went.

So to mark the end of my leave in style, my best friend and I went out for coffee (yes, a coffee date can be a one-off-pleasure for a new mom). It’s just amazing how the corporate world can evolve in just a 100 days. It’s like a hundred days of change ….the updates came in fast and while I had to consciously stop the lullabies humming in my head, I realized something – I certainly had grown a bit rusty around the edges.

My mind kept drifting back home to the baby and I kept wondering how it’d feel to spend more than 50 hours away from her every week after our 100 days of sesame. Then, I wondered if my readers would find teeny-weeny hints of my scattered brain in my writing and if the baby would still coo and grin at me with her usual affection. How about my older one? She’s enjoyed my unrivalled attention for seven years and finding me home after every school day for the last few months did diffuse any real or imagined indications of divided attention; but now with an 8-5 at hand, the dominoes might shift.

It’s my second day at work, I think I am not doing so badly. Today, I had a Skype meeting with @justynasniezek, that Polish girl who sat in for me. God bless her. When you are in communications, you know things could go haywire just because you inserted a semicolon instead of a comma! I’ve also moved my seat closer to the window; there’s a tall eucalyptus which kind of keeps me in sync with nature. So you don’t have to worry much about colons.

Granted, I can’t say that I am back to my A-game; I prefer to ‘ease in’ as opposed to ‘hitting the ground running’

That is why this note is a THANK YOU note to you, for keeping me on the go. When the winds stop and the breeze fades out, please do remember to call me out on that misplaced comma.

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