Africa’s leading online travel agency set for expansion to the UAE, UK and US


(Posted 03rd April 2016)

Africa’s leading online travel agency, born in Nigeria before spreading across West Africa into the wider continent, is setting the stage for a reversal of otherwise global trends in this industry.
Previously have global travel companies expanded into Africa but this time will an African company expand onto the global stage with a rollout planned for this year to the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, aka Britain and the United States.
A rebranding and the launch of a new logo, just ahead of the company attending the World Travel Market Africa in Cape Town, is seen as the first chapter of entering the world stage.
While in Cape Town does the company in fact hold a special event in partnership with the East Africa Tourism Platform, discussing Inter and Intra regional tourism developments as Africa as a whole seeks to make travel across the continent easier, aimed to tap into a huge pool of potential travelers who are literally immune to the West’s anti travel advisories.

Be sure to watch this space as the rollout of Africa’s Number One online travel agency gathers momentum and new office locations are due to be announced over the next couple of weeks.

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