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Mustafa Hassanali’s latest creations are now available for sale

Showcased recently at the South African Menswear week in South Africa are Mustafa’s creations now hitting the shops …

Pan Africa fashion designer MUSTAFA HASSANALI collection unveiled at South Africa Menswear Week is NOW AVAILABLE. BOOK your Appointment NOW MUSTAFA HASSANALI TANZANIA Contact /Text: +255715303880 .
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Kenya’s Moses Mbugua wins Seychelles Eco Marathon


(Posted 29th February 2016)

The Seychelles Eco-Friendly Marathon, which took place over the weekend, was this year won by Kenya’s Moses Mbugua, beating a field of some fifty other runners over the full distance of 42 kilometres.
Over 3.200 participants took part this year in the various categories, which also included a half marathon, a ten and a five kilometre races.
According to information received did 51 nationalities take part in the various competitions, a sign that the Seychelles Tourism Board and Seychelles National Sports Council organized event has made a name for itself and now attracts tourists to the archipelago who come for the purpose of competing in this annual marathon.
Initially launched in 2008 through the private initiative of South Korean Dong Chan Yeong has the marathon made its way into the annual calendar of events promoted by Seychelles Tourism.
Winner of the half-marathon was Seychellois Iven Moise.
The route this year took the runners across the island from Beau Vallon via Glacis to the capital Victoria before reaching the half way point at Roche Caiman and then taking the same route back to Beau Vallon for the finish.

UNWTO at ITB 2016

Silk Road and Child Protection – UNWTO’s focus for ITB 2016

(Posted 29th February 2016)

On the 50th anniversary of ITB Berlin, UNWTO’s activities at the fair will focus on the development of the Silk Road and the World Tourism Network on Child Protection. ITB 2016 will take place between 09th and 13th of March.

One of the major events organized by UNWTO at ITB Berlin will be the 6th UNWTO Silk Road Ministers’ Meeting (09th March). The meeting brings together Ministers and high ranking officials from over 20 countries to discuss how public/private sector partnerships (PPPs) can contribute to advancing tourism on the Silk Road. The meeting will focus on the valuable role of PPPs in marketing and promotion, infrastructure development, heritage management, aviation, major events and risk and crisis management. On the occasion, UNWTO will launch the Silk Road Action Plan 2016/2017. In addition, the 5th UNWTO Silk Road Tour Operators’ Forum (10 March) will take place as a means to empower inbound Silk Road tour operators to better understand, engage and work with the international travel trade.

UNWTO will also hold the 31st Meeting of the World Tourism Network on Child Protection(10th March), an initiative to prevent all forms of child and youth exploitation in the tourism sector. Under the chairmanship of Carol Bellamy, the Chair of the Network and former Executive Director of UNICEF, the meeting will focus on Responsible Business Strategies and Child Protection in Tourism,’ highlighting the good practices championed by the tourism industry. The event will feature interventions from ABTA, TUI Group, as well as the Chair of the High Level Global Task Force to End Sexual Exploitation of Children in Travel and Tourism Najat Maalla M’jid, who will share the results of the Global Study on the Sexual Exploitation of Children in Travel and Tourism.

Additionally, the UNWTO Secretary-General will be a keynote speaker at the ITB Ministers’ Roundtable: “Tourism in the 21st century: new business models in a digital world”, an event organized by the ITB Convention Programme in collaboration with UNWTO. The theme of this year’s roundtable will be the ‘Digitalization of economy and society’.

ITB 2016 will also be the stage for the launch of two UNWTO Affiliate Members Reports – the ‘Global Report on The Transformative Power of Tourism’ focusing on the role of socially and environmentally responsible practices in the sector, produced by UNWTO and the Institute for Tourism of Croatia; and the ‘Global Report on The Power of Youth Travel’, now in its second edition, developed incooperation with the World Youth Student and Educational Travel Confederation (WYSETC).

Finally, UNWTO has partnered with the International Trade Centre (ITC) to promote the Kayah State of Myanmar during ITB Berlin. Since 2014, ITC has been working with the Government of Myanmar on an inclusive tourism project aimed at supporting the local tourism sectorthrough the development of cultural and eco-tourism products. UNWTO joins ITC and Myanmar to showcase the multiple benefits arising from this project by co-organizing a series of events throughout the fair including a press conference, a seminar and a number of business to business events.

New Tanzanian government reviews logging policies


(Posted 29th February 2016)

One of the most positive changes of direction, the new Tanzanian government under President John Magufuli has taken, is a fresh determination to come down hard on poaching and more recently to tackle the alarming deforestation across the country and its key water towers.
Under the former regime it clearly was a free for if not all at least a free for the connected few, as scandals unearthed by the new administration at the port and the Tanzania Revenue Authority go to prove. Again, action taken was swift and decisive and is ongoing as customs duty and tax defaulters now literally fall over themselves to pay up what they owe.

The Deputy Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Hon. Ramo Makani, last week opened a one day high level meeting for the forestry sector and left no doubt which way the Magufuli administration will go.
He admitted that over 370.000 acres of forest are lost every year and that the demand for timber and charcoal production exceeded sustainable production by over 20 million cubic metres of trees.

It is understood from usually well informed sources that the government is mulling over a temporary suspension of logging to take stock and decide on the way forward.

Conservationists in recent years were alarmed when the Kikwete regime suddenly withdrew an application to UNESCO to recognize the Eastern Arc Mountains as a World Heritage Site, suspecting regime cronies to be behind the presidential directive at the time, so that they could fill their pockets by mining and logging the forests with impunity.

Last year did the World Wide Fund for Nature, in short WWF, paint a grim picture of the devastation this presidential directive had wreaked on the Eastern Arc Mountains, but of course has both legal and illegal logging eaten deeply into other forest areas too. This has been seen as to a large part responsible for the change in micro climate, flash floods and other environmental disasters due to the loss of forest cover.

Several previous articles have highlighted this challenge in detail and a summary can be found via:

The new direction in conservation and environmental protection issues is commendable and here, as in other areas, has the Magufuli administration until now shown that it means business and is not shy to step hard on the toes of those who previously thought of themselves as untouchable.

Target the Ethiopian outbound market to Uganda at Spotlight travelexpo in Addis

Derek Houston of Houston Marketing in South Africa, yesterday announced a new Spotlight city, Addis Ababa. Read on if you are keen to get a slice of the Ethiopian outbound market.

I am pleased to advise that we have added Addid Ababa, Ethiopia to our Spotlight schedule for 2016

Why Addis ??

Ethiopia has one of the highest GDP growth rates in the world ( 10% each year over the last decade) coupled with a huge growth in the middle class population with a big demand to travel abroad. Add the rapidly expanding Ethiopian Airlines network to African & overseas destination and you have the perfect recipe for an exciting new market to tap into!

Addis Ababa — or Addis as it is commonly known — is Ethiopia’s capital and the country’s largest city as it is home to at least 4 million people. It is often referred to as Africa’s diplomatic capital – the African Union (AU) is headquartered in Addis Ababa, and more than 100 international missions and embassies are based there, meaning the city plays host to many of the continent’s dignitaries.

A top rated Washington DC Financial services firm ranked Ethiopia Number 3 on the fastest growing global economies list.

Monday 23 May 2016
Fly into Addis

Tuesday 24 May – Venue United Nations Conference Centre Addis

08h30 -12h00 – Breakfast and Spotlight Travel Expo for trade.

12h00-13h00 Light lunch and prize draw

13h30 – End of Travel Expo.
Fly home

Please see more information attached or visit

Meanwhile a news update – The Spotlight seminar in Harare is almost fully booked – only 5 tables left – Book today to be sure of your attendance .

The Spotlight East Africa Seminars have been finalised and bookings are open:


June 21 Kampala Serena


June 23 Southern Sun Mayfair

June 24 Radisson Blu Upper Hill

BOOKING FORM – SPOTLIGHT – Harare and Addis Ababa

Email: sales Tel 0027 12 665 1191/27 82 4640901

[_] Please reserve one table on the Spotlight Harare Workshop Tuesday 26 April 2016 $350 (per table).

[_] Please reserve one table on the Spotlight Addis Workshop Tuesday 24 May 2016 $600 (per table).

Total payment ZAR /USD$………………………………….

NAME: ………………………………………………………….… (to appear on invoice)

COMPANY: ………………………………………………………………………………………………

ADDRESS: …………………………………………………………..…………………………………..

Postal code: ……………………

E-Mail: ………………………………………………………..………………………………………..

Tel:…………………………………….. Fax: ……………………………………….


Derek Houston

Tel +27 12 6651191/ 6652323 .Cell +27 82 4640901


Spotlight Addis Ababa Fact sheet.docx

Spotlight East Africa June 2016 Fact Sheet.doc

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Meet Whitecap … A Colobus, not the Kenyan beer …

News updates from Colobus Conservation in Diani

Meet Whitecap
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Meet Whitecap, a young male Angolan black and white colobus monkey. Whitecap came to Colobus Conservation, a primate conservation organization based in Diani, Kenya, early November 2015. He was a victim of electrocution on exposed electricity cables, a common cause of primate mortality in the area. However, Whitecap’s story does not start here. Colobus Conservation were first made aware of him a few weeks before this after receiving a call from concerned residents of a young colobus crying at night. Staff went out to investigate and it became apparent that Whitecap had lost his mother and the adult male of the group to electrocutions. It was evident that this young male had a strong character as he managed to keep up with his small troop for several weeks in spite of his losses. However, his crying was a warning sign that he was struggling. Colobus Conservation continued to keep a close eye on his situation, but because he stayed high in the canopy little could be done. The staff crossed their fingers that he would adjust without the support of his mother.
Whitecap had captured local residents’ hearts and late one Friday night, reports came flooding in that little Whitecap had been attacked by dogs. Colobus Conservation arrived at the scene, it was evident that his left arm was damaged but he remained high in the trees and capturing him for medical care was not possible. It was four days later when Colobus Conservation finally found him, alone, on the ground, too weak to climb, eat or drink. The smell of an infection from his arm was overwhelming; he was in dire need of medical attention.
Once back at the centre team Colobus began working to save his life, his arm was swollen, badly infected, on further inspection it became obvious that the reported dog attack was actually an electrocution injury. Whitecap was incredibly weak and the team feared that he would not survive the operation which he desperately needed. The team weighed Whitecaps options and the choice to operate was decided, the arm was past treating, so his arm needed to be amputated.
The next few weeks were touch and go. Whitecap needed 24 hour care, but as each day passed, it became evident that Whitecap was not an ordinary monkey. He showed that he was strong, determined and independent. It has now been three months since Whitecap joined Colobus Conservation. He is now living with four other colobus and you would not even notice he was at a disadvantage with only having one arm as he climbs around the enclosure, play fights with his companions and even ‘tells off’ the adult females when they take his food. He really is a small miracle and his future looks bright.
However, Whitecap and his companions urgently need a larger enclosure. Cases, such as Whitecaps are not uncommon and our small troop of colobus has almost tripled in size in the last seven months. With three young colobus growing stronger and larger each day, they need their space. As with all the monkeys in rehabilitation, Colobus Conservation is looking to release the group. A larger enclosure will help facilitate their release, giving them the chance to practice their climbing skills. Colobus Conservation is a small centre and funding is always a struggle; we want to give the monkeys the care they deserve, please help us by donating money towards a larger enclosure.

Thank you!

Team Colobus

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Otunba Runsewe, former DG NTDC, breaks silence on Tourism in Nigeria

And more information from West Africa courtesy of ATQ News a member of Travel Media Group. This is the online platform for African Travel Quarterly (ATQ), the first Travel magazine in West Africa which solely focuses on travel and tourism issues. It started publishing offline about 10 years ago. features reports that cover a wide range of topics within the travel

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ATQ News
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‘I am passionate about rebranding Ile-Ife as a tourism destination to attract the world’-Ooni of Ife

The land of Rehoboth in biblical times was the place where strive ended in the life of Isaac and it means the land of expansion. And down through the centuries, the name ‘Rehoboth’ has remained significant as people from all walks of life and in many countries through its use as names of places and people and even as business entities.

…more details

Ooni of Ife, His Imperial Majesty, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, Ojaja II as he received Nigerian travel journalists who paid him a courtesy visit in his palatial palace, in an enthusiastic manner, revealed that Ile-Ife means the place of expansion like the biblical Rehoboth.

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Innoson Produces Parts for Nigerian Air Force Fighter Jets

Chief of the Air Staff, Air Vice Marshal Sadique Baba Abubakar has applauded the management of Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company for its support to the military by providing technical support that has enabled the Nigerian Air Force to sustain its operations against the Boko Haram insurgents. The Air Force revealed on Wednesday, that Innoson ‘helped to locally modify and overhaul the brake assembly …

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Nigeria, her perception issues and foreign job men an opinion on Facebook by Ikechi Uko

Nigeria is not in the list of the top 30 countries according to the corruption perceptions index report for 2015. True, Nigeria ranked very low at 136 out of 168 countries on the report. Nigeria is not among the top five countries with highest inmates in UK prisons. The US has the second highest inmates behind bars, still the world does not seem to see that as anything relating to corruption.

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NCAC 6 New National Festivals to provide missing link to Tourism in Nigeria

With the dwindling oil price globally and the continued fall of the naira, the National Council for Arts and Culture, NCAC, is set to inject additional six(6) specialized festivals into Nigeria’s range of cultural festivals in a bid to woo more tourists into the country and contribute to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The country blessed with so many cultural festivals that could attract tourists into it and could provide …

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Otunba Runsewe, Former DG NTDC breaks silence on tourism, commends NATOP

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As Lagos light-up project reaches top gear

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Group CEO Shares ET’s Success Story at a Conference in Dublin

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Ghanaian artist charged for showing genitals on stage

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Class 7 boy claims Kenyan woman raped him and paid Sh200 ‘for assisting her’

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RwandAir to launch six new routes

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Getting Africans to fly easily in Africa

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