After acrobatic flying comes paragliding adding to Uganda’s reputation as adventure destination



No sooner has acrobatic flying at the Kampala Aero Club’s Kajjansi field become popular with the thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies living in or visiting Uganda has the next adventure activity taken off in the Pearl of Africa.

Paragliding is the latest adrenaline booster and a most welcome addition to a number of adventure experiences now available in Uganda such as white water rafting, quad biking, bungee jumping and acrobatic flying, amongst others.

Fly Mami Afrika is now offering regular ‘flights’ from a location outside the Eastern Ugandan town of Mbale from Mt. Wanale, which stands at 2.320 metres high, and offers packages in cooperation with the Sipi River Lodge. \The take off site is reachable by 4×4 vehicle, sparing the dare devils wanting to fly with easy access and keep them fresh to enjoy the silent flight in the company of an experienced parachutist guide with hundreds of jumps under his belt.

Other locations across Uganda are presently being explored, with plenty of choices available considering the Great African Rift Valley’s Albertine Graben running across the land, or considering the alpine hills of Kabale and Kisoro. For more information on the company’s activities visit info


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  1. Excellent news!!


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