Kenya news update – Nairobi Aviation College evicted from premises, students stranded

The Nairobi Aviation College, one of the privately owned institutions teaching programmes relevant to starting a career in aviation or a travel agency, found itself locked out of their premises yesterday over a long standing default with rent payments to the landlord ICDC. The school was reportedly on these premises for the past decade and industry observers consulted overnight were surprised, considering the income and cash flow for the Nairobi Aviation College with classes and courses sold out and at a pricey fee.
Hundreds of students, all reportedly paid up with school fees, were on arrival at the Uchumi House in the centre of Nairobi shocked to find office and class room equipment being moved out by auctioneers. It was impossible to establish when regular classes would resume, very likely, if at all, only next year as the equipment the institute was using is now under lock and key.
Students sitting exams too were left in panic, but it was learned that the owners of the school later on managed to get the exam venues shifted to other places, of course then being taken by very unsettled students who had prepared to sit in their own school, only to discover the eviction in process and then having to be moved. Exams under emotional stress and duress? Watch this space.


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  1. am a student in nairobi aviation college taking dip in journalism,where and when will be our classes for next year 2012


  2. We already have classes at Kahawa House right in the city. No need to panic. Classes are going on.


  3. It’s fine. pleasure to access your blog.


  4. Big ups


  5. Posted by kimwana on October 17, 2012 at 09:30

    i just wonder when the Nairobi aviation college management will build their own campus given the kind of money they rake in.


  6. Posted by dennis onyango on August 22, 2013 at 20:44

    and when the maib campus will be built???


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