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Uganda aviation news – Qatar Airways to Entebbe pits direct rivals against each other

With the start of flights by Qatar Airways, connecting Doha daily with Entebbe with an Airbus A320, the question is now arising which way the loyalty of regular travelers will go. Emirates, already offering daily flights between Dubai and Entebbe, serves the route with a more comfortable wide bodied aircraft in a classic three class configuration of First, Business and Economy, but operates their flight via Addis Ababa, which adds considerably to the travelling time. Qatar Airways in contrast will use a single aisle aircraft in two class configuration of First and Economy, with Business sadly absent, but go nonstop to Doha, from where a growing network of global destinations by the self acclaimed 5star airline offers swift connections.
Emirates, without doubt the most senior of the Gulfs airline cousins, is the best known and best connected in terms of destinations and frequencies, and their frequent flyer programme and stop over options are second to none.
Yet, complacency kills the cat and the arrival of Qatar Airways is adding more options for Ugandan travelers, already being lured by very low fares when Turkish commenced operations to Entebbe. Like THY is Qatar expanding their destinations in Africa and across the globe with the aim to tap into the growing traffic potential both to as well as from the African continent, connecting passengers via their hub in Doha, where a brand new airport is also being constructed, expected to offer the very best services for connecting passengers with a Duty Free shopping array being created ready to rival Dubai.
Ugandans are now spoilt for choice when travelling abroad. Connecting via Nairobi with Kenya Airways, for many still is a choice option, and by nonstop and direct flights with key European carriers like Brussels Airlines, KLM, British Airways are now complemented by daily flights via Addis Ababa with Ethiopian, Turkish via Istanbul, Egypt Air via Cairo, the daily South African Airways flights via Johannesburg and of course the daily services by Emirates via Dubai.
The lastest new kid on the block Qatar Airways, renowned for their award winning inflight services, will have to pull something special out of the hat in terms of fares to break into this phalanx of established airlines and make their mark, but a strong team of staff has been assembled in Kampala and Entebbe to sell seats and handle passengers, all of them with long good standing in the industry, something which will surely help to make an immediate impact on Ugandan travelers.
Adds this correspondent in closing: Cant wait for the inaugural flight to touch down in Entebbe, helping to put Uganda, the Pearl of Africa, on the world map some more.

Seychelles tourism news – GST increase to 15 percent ‘not good for the tourism industry’

The Seychelles tourism private sector has once again warned of the potential impact of the planned GST (Goods and Services) tax rise from 12 to 15 percent on tourism services.
Introduced some years ago under an economic structural adjustment programme the GST is due to be replaced by a fully fledged VAT regime next year.
The increase will apply to eating out in restaurants, excursions and tours and other services tourists ordinarily enjoy during their stay on the islands, making everything more expensive by 3 percent a source from Mahe confirmed. Louis DOffay, the Chairman of the Seychelles Hospitality and Tourism Association, had warned earlier in the year of the consequences of outpricing the destination but apparently to little avail, as the tax rise now seems just weeks away from implementation.
Said another regular contributor to this correspondents articles: SHTA has a point here. The global economy is again getting very fragile, the Eurozone problems and economic performance in the US are factors we should not overlook. Our traditional big markets are in Europe and although we have made a lot of progress in other new and emerging markets, if Europe has problems this will spread rapidly. We need to be mindful of global developments and should be careful on taxes and other charges put on tourism products. Our economy depends on tourism and we should stay competitive, see what our nearest rivals do in terms of pricing, taxation and so on. Our success in marketing cannot be taken for granted and we should avoid making this harder and more difficult.
Meanwhile are general elections underway in the Seychelles, yesterday on opening day 29th of September for essential personnel who are required to be on duty on the main election day 01st of October in Mahe, Praslin and La Digue and today, 30th September on the outlying islands where special logistics have been arranged to fly elections officials and materials to the more remote islands or else land them by boat to ensure that all Seychellois citizens entitled to vote have an opportunity to participate in the democratic process and shape the future of the country.

East Africa news – Implement the common EAC tourist Visa now, says Balala

The meeting of the East African Communitys sectoral council on tourism and wildlife in Mombasa ended with calls to fast track the long overdue introduction of a common tourist Visa for the entire EAC, to stimulate travel across national borders to neighbouring countries by tourists already in the region, without having to pay multiple Visa fees every time. At a cost of 50 US Dollars a person, a family of four travelling from Kenya to Uganda to Rwanda to Tanzania can easily spend several hundred dollars in such fees, a factor often seen as a deterrent to cross border travel.
Expatriates in the region have also sharply critizised that although they are duly registered in their country of residence, they too are required to obtain tourist Visa when visiting a neighbouring country, and many have as a result opted to go for their holidays to South Africa or as far as Dubai, where most expatriate nationals do not need Visa but are giving free entry.
Kenyas tourism minister Najib Balala hit the nail on the head when he said: Fear of the unknown and unfounded suspicions harboured by some partner states is holding back efforts to take the community to the next level of integration before echoing growing calls for the completion of ongoing preparations and consultations and finally launch the common tourist Visa the industry has been demanding for a decade now.
It could not be established if this issue will be put on the agenda of the next head of state meeting in November or if it will wait for the next sectoral council meeting due in April next year. Watch this space.

Uganda conservation news – Big Bird Watching Day goes underway

The tourism and conservation fraternity is today, in fact since midnight, listening for bird voices and recording sightings for a 24 hour period, with birding enthusiasts given free entrance to the national parks and national forest reserves by UWA and the NFA. Uganda has nearly 10 percent of the global bird population with both resident and migratory species and for instance Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of the worlds richest bird watching destinations with over 600 species recorded there alone.
GeoLodges Uganda and GeoSafari have taken the publicity campaign for this event to the social media through regular twitter updates, where twitchers can tweet in results of sightings, allowing the wider world to follow our national bird watching day from anywhere on the globe.
This correspondent shortly after midnight already reported the sound of Ibis and Crested Cranes from his gardens at the lake shores, arguably kicking off the event as a first reporter but hundreds of birding enthusiasts will be out and about at daylight across the country trying to find as many birds as they can possibly spot. Results will be available here in coming days, where else, so watch this space.

Uganda news – Opposition takes Entebbe municipal seat in by election

In what can only be described as a resounding victory has the opposition Democratic Party candidate taken the Entebbe municipality seat for parliament, after the High Court had declared the election results of the February general election as null and void due to the omission by the Electoral Commission of a number of polling stations when declaring those results at the time.
Muhammed Kawuma beat the ruling NRM party candidate by a margin of more than 2 to 1 with other candidates hardly registering on the percentage scale. Political observers felt that this election victory for one of the opposition parties was also a vote against what has largely been perceived as indifference by government over the continued challenges of inflation, devaluation of the Uganda Shilling, the Mabira saga and a range of other controversial decisions by government since the elections earlier this year. Said a regular contributor and staunch NRM supporter to this correspondent last night when the results were officially confirmed: We at NRM need to redouble our efforts now. We won the last elections by a very large margin but it seems we are now seen by many as too removed from the problem of ordinary Ugandans, as not caring enough about inflation, sugar prices, fuel cost, electricity shortages and so forth. We need an open internal party debate on policy priorities to restore our popularity. Lets not fool ourselves, our big guns were all campaigning in Entebbe for our candidate and yet opposition ran away with a big victory. We have to convince the electorate again that we care and we are taking the plight of our people very seriously. We must not be seen like acting in isolation of public opinion and be aloof of all the problems people have in their daily life. And we should really feel bad now as a party that Entebbe, where our State House is and our President lives, has fallen to the opposition again, let it be a lesson for us. Watch this space.

Rwanda tourism news – ICTP and RDB Tourism & Conservation in partnership talks

The International Council of Tourism Partners has received an expression of interest by the Rwanda Development Boards Tourism and Conservation Division to join the ICTP alliance of global quality destinations, which provides members according to information published by them with Cooperative marketing / promotion / branding that helps members improve business, extend limited budgets and deliver quality and Sustainable development support to help members towards low carbon Green Growth. Founded and chaired by eTNs publisher Thomas J. Steinmetz, ICTPs president is internationally well known Professor Geoffrey Lipman, ably supported by a board of directors composed of leading tourism and conservation figures from around the world.
Rwanda is a leading high value and high profile tourism destination in Eastern Africa, where conservation of nature and the protection of flora and fauna is a key principle of government policy for instance all plastic shopping bag importation, manufacture and use in the country are completely banned and joining ICTP will undoubtedly widen their global reach to new and emerging markets alongside such other high profile destinations like the Seychelles.
Rwanda, breaking new ground once again as leaders and not as followers. Visit the respective web sites via and for more information on Destination Rwanda and the ICTP.

Kenya aviation news – Ultralight aircraft crashes at South Coast

News have emerged from the Kenyan coast that an ultralight aircraft, apparently used for a leisure flight at the South Coast of Mombasa, had crashed upon take off yesterday morning, injuring the pilot and killing the single passenger. It is understood from a source in Mombasa that the airstrip at Kinondo / Kwale District is mainly used for ultralight aircraft operations, allowing tourists to see their hotel from above during the short flights and get an aerial view of the coastline and the resorts along the beaches. In a report by Philip Mwakio of the Standard in Mombasa it was mentioned that the ultralight, supposed to take off after a short distance, apparently struggled to leave the ground, using the entire length of the strip before eventually crashing back to the ground.
The Kenya Civil Aviation authority is now investigating the air accident to establish the exact cause of the crash and vital information is expected to come from the surviving pilot of the craft when he has suitable recovered from his injuries. Added details and statements are expected also from eyewitnesses at the airstrip and the companys records on maintenance, training and other data kept.

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