No 246 Wildlife Trade News 24th October 2014

The daily dose of bad news about wildlife and environmental crimes
from around the world …

in the spotlight today ……………………

Cops caught with ivory South Africa.

Three detectives found in possession of ivory were caught red-handed during a transaction.

No 246 Wildlife Trade News 24th October 2014

The U.S. can do more to curb illegal wildlife trade extract: The secretary and the president can ban any imports, or types of imports, from nations that are diminishing the effectiveness of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.

Vietnam finally shuts down bear bile tourism in Ha Long Bay

A day’s jail each for four illegal loggers (NA comment: This is justice – Malaysian style. Another country making absolute fools out of CITES. They know CITES will not punish them – they never have in the past for far worse things than illegal logging. Isn’t it common knowledge CITES doesn’t have the guts to sanction the countless countries who pay lip service to the convention?)

Oil palm: A visual story

Take on (Chinese) poachers with a cross-strait fishery deal: Jiang

Stop the chain: Pangolins: Nature’s vacuum may get sucked out of existence extract: is currently facing the fight of its life not to be eaten out of existence by the burgeoning Chinese middle class.

From the London Natural History Museum’s wildlife photo contest. This winning photo shows a teenager selling a fennec fox in southern Tunisia, where catching the animal is illegal but widespread. Hunting and other threats have resulted in declines in populations. So if you see this offered online, please think twice: (Traffic SE Asia)

RSPB ‘spends only quarter of its cash on saving birds': Sir Ian Botham leads landowners’ blast at charity
Read more: (NA comment: Does this remind you of some ‘conservation’ groups awash with donor money but achieving damn all? Does most of the donor money go on conferences and associated expenses? It’s not hard to find such groups with a £500k plus annual income but nothing by way of achievements. In the commercial world if you were handed £500k of money you’d be expected to a) account for it b) achieve something with the money c) be able to show what the money has bought.) How long will it be before the next conference with all the usual NGOs and scientists in attendance?

Save the home of the Woodlark cuscus and Extinction island? Plans to log half an island could endanger over 40 species

Tourist rushed to hospital after being mauled by TIGER at wildlife park where visitors ‘pet’ big cats (Thailand)

Sarawak Senior Police Officer Among 10 Detained Over Timber Theft

Poacher Killed By KWS Rangers In Nyeri

Albania’s Coastal Wetlands: Killing Field for Migrating Birds

After pelts, poachers now aim for tiger bones (India)

Tiger-skin trader nabbed in Lampung (Indonesia)

Phuket park shuts tiger pen after mauling

Kenya: Man Denies Dealing in Jumbo Tusks

Forest officers, power discom join hands to prevent poaching (India)

Licensed loggers straying outside boundaries will be charged (Sarawak) Read more:

30 nabbed for illegal logging, 30 bank accounts worth RM18m frozen (Malaysia)

Kenya Land Use Changes Leave Wildlife Vulnerable – KWS

The allure and danger of exotic illegal animals

Sarawak natives turn to United Nations to stop Baram Dam

Oil palm: A visual story

US charges South Africans in illegal rhino hunting case

Elephant destroys oil palm plantation in W.Tanjungjabung

Zimbabwe: Ex-Game Ranger Caught With Cyanide Accuses Police of Setting Him Up

Officials arrest man with jackal skin in Poonamallee

TN Men Shot by Karnataka Foresters

Rampant killing of Amur falcons raises concern in Assam

Evil eyes: Land grabbers preying on birds of prey? (India)

Wildlife tourism: It’s big cats that attract

Ebola: Is Bushmeat Behind the Outbreak?

Beef, palm oil, soy, and wood products from 8 countries responsible for 1/3 of forest destruction

Tanzania: More Efforts Put in Anti-Poaching Drive

Turtle poaching a threat to nesting population (Cayman Islands)

Police Arrest Thai Soldiers Trapping Wild Animals in Preah Vihear (Cambodia)

One Direction urged by PETA to cut chimp scenes from Steal My Girl video following allegations of animal rights violations

Elusive tiger, aimless Forest Department

The ‘Blooming Green Earth’ is on fire – literally!

No joy for Fastjet as Kenya’s CAA defers application for an air service license


(Posted 25thOctober 2014)

Information received from Nairobi, where the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority held a public licensing meeting to hear applications for new air service licenses, and renewals of course, indicates that the highly anticipated Fastjet agenda item was deferred.

Ordinarily a deferral in such circumstances indicates that the regulators were either unable, or unwilling to deal with the matter at hand, and there is speculation if KCAA has asked Fastjet to provide additional information to back up their application or else succumbed to objections which were raised by Kenyan air operators worried what the entry of Fastjet would do to their market share. The next licensing hearing is likely to take place in early 2015 at which stage all eyes will be on the Kenyan CAA to see if they will, or will not, grant a license to Fastjet to fly domestic and regional services out of Nairobi.

It is also understood that the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority is now counting down days during which Kenyan aviation authorities must respond to the Fastjet Tanzania application to fly from Dar es Salaam to Nairobi, kept pending without a decision now for several months. An aviation source from Dar es Salaam was swift to react to the news from Nairobi today and had this to say: ‘I am not sure how much longer the Tanzanians are going to wait. They have designated Fastjet as their second airline on the route to Nairobi. If the application is kept on hold for much longer there will be consequences. The theatre today with the deferral is typical of a regulatory authority wanting to keep competition away from their domestic market. Fastjet now carries over 60.000 pax per month from Dar and of course that must scare some of the Kenyan domestic airlines. But aviation is about reciprocity and that will kick in very soon. Their attempt to start an airline in Kenya is not directly related to their operation in Tanzania but blocking them from flying from Dar to Nairobi, that is turning into a confrontation. Tanzania has just licensed an airline with roots in Kenya so for a change it is not us here blocking regional integration’, taking a further dig at the constant tits for tats on the EAC platform between the two countries.

Sources close to Fastjet have also confirmed that there is progress in setting up a new operation in Zambia though no date has yet been given when Fastjet Zambia may take to the skies.

Watch this space for breaking and regular aviation news from across Eastern Africa.

99.4 percent dispatch reliability for Kenya Airways B787 fleet – a new world record


(Posted 25th October 2014)

With now six B787-8 Dreamliners in service has Kenya Airways just set a new reliability record with a 99.4 percent dispatch percentage, as compared to the global average of 98 percent.

Boeing sources attributed this astonishing feat to the level of preparedness by Kenya Airways to operate the new aircraft type, when, after receiving the first Dreamliner, KQ kept the aircraft out of service to train crews, ground personnel and engineering staff at their base in Embakasi before the aircraft then joined active service.

Kenya Airways maintains their Boeing aircraft at Embakasi which of course is a major plus point to keep the fleet in a constant state of airworthiness.

Company sources also quietly expressed their hope that the operating results for quarter three – October to December – and the final quarter of this financial year, will already show marked improvements as the economics of the B787 impact on the bottom line. With all of the fuel guzzling B767’s gone since August will the reduced fuel burn of the B787 – saving some 20 percent over the old aircraft type – no doubt be felt, besides greater payloads and wider ranges.

Kenya Airways now also operates Africa’s youngest aircraft fleet since earlier this month two brand new Boeings were delivered, in itself also a major accomplishment. This trend will further strengthen when before the end of the year another B737-8HX will be delivered and early next year when the remaining 3 B787’s join the Kenya Airways fleet. Combined with new transfer busses for passengers from apron parking positions, and the new Terminal 1A home, is Kenya Airways clearly on the rise and flying into a bright future. Watch this space.

Halloween Party, Nairobi Marathon 2014, Fab50 Ladies Retreat & Affordable Art Show

Nairobi is buzzing … and so will you if you are in Kenya’s capital and got time to spare to do
even part of what you find in this week’s KenyaBuzz e-Weekly

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October 24th – 30th
‘Fundi-Mentals’ female cast go topless for Breast Cancer Awareness. Read more

There’s a lot to observe and celebrate this week from breast cancer awarness to Diwali and Halloween. Meaning there’s a great lineup of themed events for you and your family.

An Evening of Afro Jazz Cancer Edition at Alliance Française, Club Venom’s Diwali Bollywood Unleashed – DJ Peri Live, Halloween Party at The Village Market and Halloween Art & Craft at The Nairobi Art Centre.

The Fab50 Ladies Retreat at Enashipai Resort in Naivasha is a fun getaway for women in or about the golden years. And for the tots Inspire Kids Expo is a chance to play, explore and discover.

If you’re looking to do something as a couple, try GIBÉBÉ’s Discover "Us", Mandhari Restaurant’s Date Night or the comedic stage play How Dearly I Hate You.

Sports lovers can check out The Impala Floodlit Rugby Tournament, show their endurance skills at the Toto Afrika Charity Ride and Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon 2014 or test their wits at the Bingwa Sports Quiz. Also not to be missed are the The Kenyatta Cup Horse Race and East Africa Kennel Club’s Championship Dog Show.

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Hot Event of the Week


The Fab50 Ladies Retreat
Enashipai Resort and Spa
An exciting weekend getaway for women in their 40s and 50s. This is a unique experience with conversations and creative activities. More info

Featured Event This Week


The Affordable Art Show
Nairobi National Museum
October 24th- 26th
Kenya Museum Society offers more than 200 pieces of juried artwork from artists in Kenya. The pieces are all priced below KES 99,999, including mounted pieces for sale at KES 10,000. Entertainment by Safaricom Choir & Orchestra. More info



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An Evening of Afro Jazz Cancer Edition
Alliance Française, Nairobi
We want to honour the departed, encourage and restore hope to the cancer survivors, all the affected and preach awareness to everyone. More info


Diwali Bollywood Unleashed: DJ Peri Live
Club Venom
Just Like That Ltd presents Diwali Bollywood Unleashed with India’s Superhot and Celebrated "Deejay Peri". More info

Check Out


Food & Wine


Kemaya Africa Wellness Event
101 Manyani East Road
Our aim on the day is to create a space where you can relax, enjoy gourmet food, beautiful clothes and learn how to create a healthy lifestyle. More info



The Impala Floodlit Tournament

Impala Rugby Club

Shorts, songs, smiles and rugger. Rugby is back on Ngong Road at The Impala Floodlit Tournament. Are you ready? More info



Sarakasi Trust Presents African Fusion
Carnivore Restaurant
African Fusion back from a successful tour in the UK Sarakasi allstars: the best in dance and acrobatic fusion. More info

The Weatherman

Not a Morning Household


She took this opportunity to escape. She grabbed a coat, her wallet, and keys and headed out to the neighbourhood restaurant. She ordered a large, freshly-brewed black coffee and flirted with the sexy young barista. She marvelled at his uncanny…Read more

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DO NOT Have Unprotected Sex with Kenyan Towels. They Will Give You AIDS


"No Ebola. Not in Kenya. You might get AIDS in Kenya, the people have AIDS, you got to be careful, the towels can have AIDS." Now I know what I said about using reckless words in my writing but for you Pat Robertson, I will make an exception…Read more


Japan Information and Culture
Consumer electronics company employee Kobayashi is ordered to develop a bipedal robot, but fails miserably. He comes…More info


Halloween Party

The Village Market
A night of fun and from The Beathogs, teens area and childrens entertainment by Dynamic Puppets and fancy dress catwalk. More info

Naomi Van Rampelberg’s ‘Echoes’ Exhibition
One Off Contemporary Art Gallery
Paper collage, painted art and jewellery works from Naomi Van Rampelberg. More info


Oktoberfest 2014

Brew Bistro & various venues
Happy hour specials on our premium draft beer, award winning simpils beer, cocktails on offer, special perfomances and shooter. More info

Just for Kids

Inspire Kids Expo: Play, Explore, Discover!

Jockey Club of Kenya
Kenya’s premier children’s expo focused primarily on the formative early years of 0-8. More info


Nikon Photography Meet
Come, learn from and interact with the experts and enhance your photographic skills. For DSLR users only. More info

Hot Coast Property
Casuarina Cottage – Cosy Watamu Holiday Let


A two-bedroom colonial beach cottage set high up with fantastic panoramic views across the Indian Ocean. Set in a rich indigenous forest with wonderful…Read more

Watamu Property Services
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KSPCAs new nos are:
Emergency 0733-571125

Campus Events

Afrivazi: Beauty in Diversity
Egerton University
A celebration of the creativity of upcoming creatives in the field of fashion and art among them design students in institutions of…More info


Viva Espana Salsa Night

Artcaffe Restaurant – The Oval
Inviting you to enjoy an evening of Spanish music, cocktails and dancing every Friday between 9pm and Midnight. More info


East Africa E-Tourism Conference
A platform for stakeholders in the real estate, property and home products and services industry to showcase their produ…More info


Healing The Rift: The Path of the Liberated Heart

Suyian Soul
The focus in this 3 day gathering will be understanding and transforming energetic patterns that…More info


Discover "Us"
Great marriages and relationships are all about getting to know one another. Get into your partner’s inner world and…More info

Nairobi City Nature Tour
Meeting Point – Hilton Hotel
Every Friday from 8am visit The Giraffe Center, Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage, Monkey Park and more. More info

Upcoming Events

Pedal Kart Grand Prix

Pumpkin Halloween

Party in Pink Zumbathon

Mind Power Workshop

Sarit Getaway Expo

Jaguar Family Triathlon

Eat, Drink And Be Scary

What’s Wrong, Dear Jane

Toto Afrika Charity Ride 2014

The Annual Shaggy Dog Show 2014

Miss Tourism Kenya 2014 Gala Night

Jameson Live Party with 2 Chainz

An Evening of Acapella with Kee-Keh

2014 ABC Bank Baringo Half Marathon

New Publications from UNWTO

A must read publication for the hospitality industry across Eastern Africa …

Hold on to your hat – it is Festival Kreol time in the Seychelles and that means a week full of action


(Posted 24th October 2014)

It is this time of year in the Seychelles that, what I call ‘Creolismthe essence of being Creole’ is celebrated in the Seychelles, and for the 29th time this year.

The Creole world, after all does Victoria lay claim to being the Creole capital of the world, comes to the Seychelles’ main island and celebrates all facets of Creole live, music, poetry, cultural ties, language and of course the food in a weeklong festival to showcase a way of life, a culture and what no doubt is now beginning to show all signs of an emerging Creole nation, largely due to the efforts of the Seychelles to promote the concept.

Seychelles’ Minister for Tourism and Culture, Alain St. Ange, reiterated the importance of the festival recently when he spoke to the local media before sharing his thoughts with the global media:

We need to mark this year’s festival and make it a stepping stone for the Festival Kreol 2015, which will be a milestone for our country as we shall be celebrating the 30th edition of the annual festival’.

The Minister then went on to say: ‘This year our programme is filled with activities for all ages and we have ensured that the general public will be able to take part in the festivities. We need to make the Festival Kreol the event whereby Seychelles and the Creole People join together to celebrate their identity. I call on all Seychellois to join in the Creole festivities during the coming days to show our very own unique Creole way and demonstrate that we are all pround to be part of the Creole world. Our town will reflect an open air arts gallery with paintings of Seychelles’ top artists being displayed along the Independence Avenue in Victoria. We are proud as a ministry to also have our national arts collection which will be unveiled at the opening of the gallery and this would not have been possible without the help of President James Michel.

A week of celebrations, which include concerts of popular Creole artists, will kick off in the morning and last until the 31st of October and tourist visitors to the islands are of course not just invited but encouraged to mingle with the locals and enjoy the various activities lined up just as much. After all, Seychelles is Another World.

No 245 Wildlife Trade News 23rd October 2014

The daily dose of bad news for conservationists with details on wildlife and environmental crimes
from around the world

in the spotlight today ……………………

Industrial-Scale Tiger Farms: Feeding China’s Thirst for Luxury Tiger Products EXTRACT: At July’s CITES Standing Committee meeting, Chinese officials finally admitted what the world has known for some time: they are licensing sales of tiger pelts. In 2013, EIA revealed that legally-issued permits are regularly reused, making it disturbingly easy to launder skins from tigers killed in India and elsewhere. (NA comment: Will the CITES Standing Committee and Secretariat give China a “Merit Award” for this activity and openly defying CITES, yet again? Another CITES – CHINA debacle?)

Tiger carcasses in cold storage at Xiongsen Tiger and Bear Park,

Guilin, China. Photograph by Belinda Wright /Wildlife Protection Society of India.

No 245 Wildlife Trade News 23rd October 2014

Pandas get VIP treatment, but not orang-utan – Jennifer Yeap – (Malaysia) See more at:

Ten including cop to face MACC in connection with illegal logging (Sarawak/Malaysia)

Cop nabbed, illegal logging ring in Sarawak busted

Johor Forestry Officers Queried (Malaysia)

‘Get tough on syndicates’ (Malaysia)

South African Environment Minister: ‘We Appreciate Western Help Against Poaching — But We Need Asia’s’ extract: Earlier this month, 137 cities took part in a global march against the poaching of rhinos and elephants, amid an alarming surge in killings of the endangered species. South Africa saw a huge swell of support for the movement, with 18 rallies staged across the country, while the United States hosted 39. In China and Vietnam — the world’s largest buyers of ivory and rhino horn respectively — there were none. (NA comment: Doesn’t this illustrate, again, the lack of real concern and commitment from China and Vietnam?)

Legalizing Ivory Trade: Taking to New Heights a Dangerous Policy Proposal

Ivory stockpile in Tanzania, courtesy of National Geographic Television.

Stopping the smuggling of elephant tusks at HCMC’s airport (Vietnam)

Pieces of elephant tusks are discovered in a box unloaded from a plane at Tan Son Nhat Airport in Ho Chi Minh City. Tuoi Tre

Increasing land use exposing wildlife to poachers (Kenya)

Govt urged to take steps to save Tesso Nilo (Indonesia)

Cleared land: Locals living near the Tesso Nilo National Park in Riau use slash-and-burn methods to clear land, which they later use to plant corn, tuber and other vegetables. (JP/Bambang Muryanto)


Illegal Logging Ravaging the Last Forests, Activists Say (Cambodia)

extract: “ ….denounced the trade, which deforests Cambodia and sends timber to China and Vietnam. (NA comment: How can these two countries remain in CITES while breaching the Convention on a daily basis? Is someone protecting them? Is China given preferential treatment by the Secretariat?)

Coral poaching by Chinese boats off Japan islands rising

Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards (see what we are losing, because of China)

Namibia’s plan: Pay off poachers, save wildlife

Farmer shoots ‘eyes in the night’, kills collared leopard (S. Africa)

The dead leopard.
Image by: Landmark Foundation

Cameroon: Forest Governance – Monitoring, Evaluation Mechanism Underway

Human-elephant conflict in Sri Lanka claims lives of over 60 people and 250 elephants annually

Rare northern white rhino dies in Kenya; only six remains worldwide

photo: Nature Alert

PH ethnic tribes lauded for role in forest conservation (Philippines)

Photographer’s heartwarming images of baby primates that show astonishing similarities between apes and humans Read more:

India’s largest dam given clearance but still faces flood of opposition The 3000MW Dibang dam, rejected twice as it would submerge vast tracts of biologically rich forests, is to be cleared – but huge local opposition could still stall the project

New Marine Protected Area proposed for Myanmar

Tamil Nadu, Centre claim Andhra Pradesh red sanders

Vietnam moves to reduce demand for wildlife products – See more at:

Authorities Confiscate Illegal Rare Wood; Smugglers Escape (Cambodia)

Chimps filmed raiding farms to find food (Uganda)

Saving Asia’s Endangered Cats

Amazing moment ape named Kanzi built a fire and roasted marshmallows Read more:

Animal Planet Greenlights ‘Meet The Orangutans’ From Blink Films (Malaysia)

For Bhutan, it Takes a Community to Save the Snow Leopard

NGOs want logging tycoon stripped of licences (Cambodia)

Zambia: ‘Tread Carefully On Hunting Quotas’

Kenya: Increasing Land Use Exposing Wildlife to Poachers

Legal Trade In Horn Would Improve Protection Of The Rhino

Racing to Save the Cheetah

Steps to conserve greater adjutant stork demanded

Sea Shepherd ship ready to monitor Japan

Saving the survivor: China scrambles to keep the finless porpoise from extinction


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